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Some people are afraid that their problem is either too big to handle, too unimportant or too embarrassing. None of these is true. Some people feel that nothing, not even counselling, will make a difference. It is true that often circumstances cannot be changed, (sometimes they can!) but our response to them and how we handle those things can be. Sharing your experience, confidentially, is a positive beginning.

In the first session we will take some time:-

  • for you to explain the problem and to tell me what you are hoping for

  • for you to decide whether you are comfortable and would like to work with me, and ask any questions

  • for me to decide whether I may be able to help or if another kind of support might be more suitable

  • for us to decide together the practical details such as frequency of meetings, duration, cost etc.

  • Some brief explanations of the different types of counselling and links to more information -

  • Psychodynamic : the theory includes the idea that the way we respond to present events has a lot to do with what has happened in the past. Part of the therapist's task is to seek to understand what is happening subconsciously, and to help you become more aware of this so that you can make conscious choices about your responses and actions. For fuller information just CLICK HERE
  • Transactional Analysis : or T.A. as it is usually referred to - says that we all operate in one of three "modes" - "Parent", "Child" or "Adult". One of the ways this approach is helpful is in thinking about how people communicate and miscommunciate with each other. For fuller information just CLICK HERE
  • Person Centred: The central values of the person centred approach are that it is the relationship between the therapist and client that is the most important element in therapy. (This view is supported by general research). The therapist offers empathy, congruence (being true to oneself and honest with the client)and "unconditional positive regard" - in other words, accepting the client as he or she is. CLICK HERE for more about the P.C. approach.
  • Gestalt : Gestalt is quite an active and interactive approach, often using practical exercises and sometimes role play. Its focus is the "here and now", how you are feeling, why you might feel stuck, how you are affected by circumstances etc. Try: CLICKING HERE for more inorfmation.
  • Solution Focused : Whilst it can be very healing to express your difficult feelings, realise what may be causing you problems, and feel understood, some people say, "Yes, but what can I do about it?" It can then be helpful to look at what has helped you in other situations, to help you now.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy : or CBT, challenges the way you think in order to try to help you feel differently. It sometimes uses questionnaires and often involves some exercises to practice between sessions.CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Creative and Play Therapy : CLICK HERE !

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