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About Creative Therapy 15th June 2024
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About Creative Therapy  #01

CREATIVE and Play Therapy

In addition to my adult therapy room, I have a special space called "THE POD". It is well equipped and has many possibilities for creative therapy with adults, teens or chidren.

About Creative Therapy  #02
Why use creative therapy? Some people find it hard to find the right words to express how they feel. Sometimes setting something out visually makes things clearer. Sometimes the process of creating something symbolically is healing in itself.

Some people keep their negative feelings and past experiences hidden away,as if in a big, black bag. They carry this bag around, or drag it along behind them. It weighs them down and makes everything an effort. In The Pod, they can take out these secret feelings and worries, a little at a time. As they are given shapes and forms, they become lighter and more manageable.

About Creative Therapy  #03
Through play, children act out what is currently concerning them. Through gentle input from the therapist, they can feel more in control, express their hidden feelings and try out different responses and behaviour.

Everybody can get angry, that's easy. But getting angry at the right person, with the right intensity, at the right time, for the right reason and in the right way - that's hard. (Aristotle)

About Creative Therapy  #04
Clients can use whatever suits them best. This may be drawing, painting, claywork, sand tray work, music, storytelling, puppetry, role play, games etc.

I am trained with Play Therapy UK (PTUK)and have over 35 year's experience of working with children and adults in the creative arts. I have worked as a reception class teacher, playscheme organiser, and Principal of my own Dance and Drama studio.

In working with TEENAGERS, I respect their privacy and their right to choose to talk about what they want, at their own pace and in their own way. They may choose simply to talk, or to (sometimes) use expressive mediums. The choice is theirs.

As with adults, sessions with children and young people are confidential, within the limits of my Child Protection policy, which I explain to both carers and children. If children wish to share with their carers some of what they do in the sessions,they can do so. I hold regular reviews with carers to discuss general progress of the sessions.
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